Isolation coordination study in HV substations is a complex task involving coordination of quantity, places of installation and characteristics of surge arrestors and other protection devices with isolation strength of electrical equipment.

Isolation coordination studies services

Preparation of Isolation coordination studies with proposals for the improvement measures, for the protection of equipment from overvoltage, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and criteria for properly selected equipment insulation, as defined by the international standards.

Overvoltage events analysis performed by the software developed by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade University.

  • Degree of isolation’s selection for power equipment
  • Selection of optimal number and location, as well as characteristics, of surge arresters in HV substations
  • Elements modeling and preparation of replacements schematics for overvoltage calculations
  • Analysis of substation equipment endangerment, caused by atmospherics’ or assembly’s overvoltage
  • Isolation fault risk calculation using deterministic and static methods
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